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Bet on the exact score in tennis
Bet on the exact score in tennis
Betting on the exact score in tennis implies a forecast for the outcome of the confrontation on the sets. If we talk about Grand slam tournaments, the athletes play up to 3 won sets (the maximum number of sets is 5), in other competitions up to 2 won sets (the maximum number of sets is 3). To make money on this strategy, the second option is suitable, we will consider it in the article.

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The strategy is to select matches where the score is more likely to be 2: 0. This happens often when the favorite of the confrontation plays with an obvious outsider. The key factor at the initial stage is the choice of bets with odds of 1.50. So you will filter out suitable games for the formation of the final list.
Also, you have to evaluate the tennis players on what cover they have to play. It is suitable for the athlete or not. For example, clean primers on hard or grass show uncertain play. For more information, use the official resources, which gives full statistics for each player. Exclude tennis players who show a weak game on the courts even if they are the main favorites of the meeting.

Before the match, be sure to determine the shape of the athlete. Whether he is ready for 100%, whether there are injuries or microtrauma. The psychological factor also plays an important role. Tennis is a single sport, a separate victory for the player is much more pleasant than in team wrestling. It gives confidence and stability on the court.

It is very important to look at the athlete's serve. If it is strong enough and stable, then his games will not have problems. It is necessary to choose one that will be able to impose a fight on the opponent on his serve and make a break in the set.

Often offices offer to put on the success of a single player in the first and second sets. It is better not to bet on these outcomes, as the coefficient is much lower than the fact that you predict the score 2:0 or 0:2. Do not forget to take into account the motivation of the athlete for the tournament.

In order to bet successfully, you need to correctly distribute personal Bank. Properly execute transactions. For example, spend a fixed amount, 10% of the Bank, on one coupon. So in the case of several losses, you can always be in the game. Very good line in the bookmaker Pin Up

For successful earnings choose significant and large tournaments in the world of tennis. In them, the favorites are more motivated and do not want to spend time on the court for a long time. They are interested in saving forces and passing rivals with a score of 2:0.
Interesting information, of course, only it seems to me that in order to bet on sports you need to know a lot of information and learn more advanced strategies. I want for a long time and I try my hand and luck and how much I think about how much information I need to find and study immediately the hunt disappears.
Spor bahislerinde her şey stratejiye bağlıdır. Bu doğru. Şansın yok sana çok para getirecek. Bir kere kazanıp yüzlerce kez kaybedersiniz. Her zaman kazanmak için stratejiyi bilmeniz ve kullanmanız gerekir.
Yes, that's for sure, sports bets are like casinos, you need to get lucky by the tail, and, honestly, this talk about strategies, some conclusions, what to do, I think that this is just talk, I agree, of course in In some cases, it all works, but basically it's just banal luck..
Well, how are things with you here? In general, recently made a sports bet without any predictions and strategies. She was just confident in the victory of her favorite and ... won)) So human intuition in my opinion is the best forecaster of any match. Well, besides, if you know how the players of your team play, I think you can hardly make a wrong choice.

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