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Youth Dorance Armstrong Jersey
Every week many of you here at BTB are polled on various things concerning the team and matters across the NFL. This is part of SB Nation’s new FanPulse tool. Sign up for the Cowboys FanPulse here to take our weekly surveys.One of the things each fan base is asked every week has to do with their upcoming game and the confidence surrounding it Youth Connor Williams Jersey , from a point-spread perspective. Fans are asked how many points they expect their team to win or lose by. It’s interesting to see which fan bases have the best grip on their team so far this season.Cowboys fans are feeling confident for the final game before the byeFanPulse taught us this week that Cowboys fans are back, sort of. This particular fan base experienced the fourth-largest jump in confidence across all SB Nation sites and after a 40-7 win how could you expect the needle not to move a bit?This game is big for the 2018 Cowboys’ cause. First place in the NFC East is up for grabs. A win would also give them their first on the road, their first winning streak on the season, and it would set them up for a nice bye weekthat’ll feature a Redskins/Giants game and the Eagles playing the Jaguars in London.All of that confidence, hope, and eyeing down the road had seemingly created a gazpacho of belief that the Cowboys will get things done this week. Although to be fair this group has sort of struggled at accurately predicting games this season.Cowboys FanPulse predictions this season:Week 1: FanPulse predicts Cowboys win by 6 (Panthers) Connor Williams Jersey Stitched , Cowboys lose by 8Week 2: FanPulse predicts Cowboys win by 4 (Giants), Cowboys win by 7Week 3: FanPulse predicts Cowboys win by 6 (Seahawks), Cowboys lose by 11Week 4: FanPulse predicts Cowboys lose by 1 (Lions), Cowboys win by 2Week 5: FanPulse predicts Cowboys win by 4 (Texans), Cowboys lose by 3Week 6: FanPulse predicts Cowboys lose by 5 (Jaguars), Cowboys win by 33Cowboys FanPulse season record: 1-5Redskins fans have a weird sense of not really confidenceThe general feeling across the NFL this season is that save for a handful of top and bottom teams the whole league is wildly unpredictable. In the same way that the Cowboys have an embarrassing loss to the Texans Youth Michael Gallup Jersey , Washington lost to the Colts. It’s a week to week league.Those that have made the mistake in life of supporting the D.C. football franchise correctly anticipated beating the Cardinals (shocker there) and even the Panthers last week. Plenty of football fans were indeed shocked to see Carolina fall to the Redskins, but again things are unpredictable.You’d imagine that due to them coming off of a win, and considering that the fan base has predicted a win in four of their five games, that Redskins truthers would feel confident in the state of their team... but they don’t. Washington is one of the only teams coming off of a win to have actually regressed in confidence despite winning last week. It’s weird.Redskins FanPulse predictions this season:Week 1: FanPulse predicts Redskins win by 6 (Cardinals), Redskins win by 18Week 2: FanPulse predicts Redskins win by 9 (Colts), Redskins lose by 12Week 3: FanPulse predicts Redskins lose by 5 (Packers) Michael Gallup Jersey Stitched , Redskins win by 14Week 4: BYEWeek 5: FanPulse predicts Redskins win by 4 (Saints), Redskins lose by 24Week 6: FanPulse predicts Redskins win by 2 (Panthers), Redskins win by 6Redskins FanPulse season record: 2-3Both Cowboys and Redskins fans are predicting wins this SundayBarring a tie (there have certainly been more than enough this season) someone is going to walk away unhappy this Sunday at FedEx Field. Obviously we’re hoping it’s the Redskins, but everyone involved believes it’ll be the other team.Cowboys fans are predicting a win by 3Redskins fans are predicting a win by 6This is interesting to consider when you start looking at various odds given to this game. Oddsshark has the Redskins favored by two at the time of this writing, almost halfway between where the two fan bases lie. Who will be right? Who will be wrong? Considering Dallas has won every game played between the two teams over the last two years there are certainly a different sort of odds that lie in their favor. Let’s hope those win out. Every new contact for a top-tier QB can affect the deal for Dak Prescott."At the top of the Dallas Cowboys to-do list is work out an extension for quarterback Dak Prescott. The Cowboys franchise QB has been woefully underpaid through his first three years in the league and certainly deserves a healthy raise. The standard for highest paid quarterback was Aaron Rodgers, but he has some new competition in Russell Wilson who completed a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks over night. Based on what kind of accounting you use Youth Dorance Armstrong Jersey , his deal surpassed the Rodgers deal.If you’re just looking at the new money in the deal, it lines up like this.That also sets records.The guaranteed money is extraordinary.Recently, we posted a prediction from Bill Barnwell for Prescott.We now have a new highest-paid player in the league. Should Prescott’s contract live in this neighborhood? Well, there is this comparison of Prescott’s and Wilson’s first three years in the NFL.Of course, Wilson did pocket a Super Bowl win in his second year and lead his team back the following year, only to lose on an unbelievable play call on the goal line. In the playoffs this past year Dorance Armstrong Jersey Stitched , Prescott led the Cowboys to a victory over Wilson’s Seahawks.We’ll wait and see what Prescott gets, but it’s going to be substantial.

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